BRB, Tending to real life

I was partaking in some of the most delicious chicken tikka masala the other day with some fantastic humans, when one of them said, “I know this sounds lame, but at least you’ll have something to blog about after this (in regards to the current life season I am going through).” And I chuckled, because I knew he was right. There is always something to take away from the circumstances we go through. But I didn’t think I’d be writing about all this so soon.

Pop of Poppies

Spring is in the air, which means allergy season in amongst us. I love flowers, and I love blooms, but I hate all the sneeze attacks and watery eyes. Makes everything so much harder. For the start of this beautiful season, I got to collaborate once again with Dr. Cindy Dao and Darling Magazine!

Mornings with Darling

Raise your hand if you’re a morning person! For this Darling Magazine article, we got to go against everything our parents used to tell us not to do, like jumping like maniacs on the bed and drinking hot delicious things AKA coffee in bed.

Holiday Traveling? #thatsdarling

It’s holiday season, and everywhere people are taking long road trips or flying on planes to see family and loved ones. For this shoot, I had the wonderful privilege of shooting and collaborating with physical therapist and health/fitness blogger, Cindy Kimmi, for Darling Magazine. If you want to read more, you can check out the […]

You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.

She asked me to write on a blank sheet, one reason why I find myself to be beautiful.

One reason. Any reason. White canvas, pen in hand, I began to write:

I am beautiful because… (wait, what am I supposed to write?)

I am beautiful because… (there is nothing that comes to mind.)

(Let’s try this again. It shouldn’t be this much of a chore to come up with something.)

I am beautiful because… (still drawing a blank.)

There was something strangely difficult and extremely uncomfortable about inking that piece of paper with the line, “I am beautiful.” But for some peculiar reason, those three little words were pushing my buttons. Like, they had somehow said something erroneous and inappropriate, and I found it offensive. And, the longer we made eye contact, the more awkward it became and the eye rolling, more frequent. It’s not like it was a foreign language. The word, “beautiful” has been used in description numerous times before that it was hardly a stranger. And then it hit me. It hit me hard like a train wreck.