Ashley + Eddie: Golden Engagement

I don’t think people understand when I say I’m obsessed with chasing sunsets. I’m in love with golden hours, I really am. I love the way the sun hits the hills, mountains, flowy dresses and curled hair as it slowly goes down. All these things happened during this engagement session with Ashley and Eddie.

Kauai Dreams, Monochrome Chic: Wedding

I’m literally seven months behind on blogging about this wedding. I meant to, I really did. Better late than never, right? 

Kate texted me one morning saying she really needed to talk to me. It sounded important, so I called her back immediately. The first thing she asked was if I could fly to Kauai to shoot her wedding. Except… minor detail: she wasn’t engaged yet. But that’s history because obviously she eventually got engaged and threw the most banger party aka wedding of the year on an island in the middle of a tropical botanical garden filled with the most beautiful foliage, waterfalls, and good people. 

Raul + Ariel: Proposal

There is literally nothing more frightening than shooting the proposal of friends who are fantastic photographers themselves. Seriously. It was scary. But I digress…

I met Raul and Ariel a few years ago when we went on a wedding/photography road trip. Like. I met them when I jumped into other friends’ Suburban minutes before we took off. At that time, the two of them barely knew each other so I am extremely proud to say that I’ve been there since the beginning.

Zac + Myra: Anniversary

Myra contacted me a couple months ago, and told me she wanted to do a surprise photo shoot with Zac for their 5th anniversary. Duh, cute. She said she wasn’t really great at surprises, but if you ask me, I think she was pretty good at keeping secrets and making this happen.

Snow Fights to Sunsets: Engagement

Brittney + Drew are originally from Hawaii, and at all costs wanted to avoid the ocean. I don’t blame them because the beaches in Hawaii are gorgeous, and California just can’t compete.

A Slice of Pie, A Dose of Arthur: Wedding

Pie + Arthur’s wedding: Do you ever show up at a wedding venue, meet a couple, and automatically internally know that this wedding is going to be so incredibly beautiful and good in all aspects?

Laguna Lovers: Engagement

I met Susan + Josue once at a mutual friend’s Korean BBQ birthday party. They reached out soon after for me to capture their engagement, and we had such a beautiful time.