Self-care is umcomfortable and unbeautiful

I read an article the other day about self-care. In the article, self-care looked a lot like treating yourself and pampering: a day at the spa, a tropical vacation, and a shopping spree. It’s almost like the idea of self-care has been commercialized and dare I say… trendy.

Pop of Poppies

Spring is in the air, which means allergy season in amongst us. I love flowers, and I love blooms, but I hate all the sneeze attacks and watery eyes. Makes everything so much harder. For the start of this beautiful season, I got to collaborate once again with Dr. Cindy Dao and Darling Magazine!

Mornings with Darling

Raise your hand if you’re a morning person! For this Darling Magazine article, we got to go against everything our parents used to tell us not to do, like jumping like maniacs on the bed and drinking hot delicious things AKA coffee in bed.