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Hello and welcome to the new and improved www.julianncheryl.com!


If you’ve been with me the past couple years and have been following my blog, you’ll know that this web address was formerly the home to a very personal project of mine. Don’t worry, those words are still very much alive and have just found a new home in the bigger scope of this space. The new home for all the word vomit can be found at: www.julianncheryl.com/wordsbyjules.


So what’s up with the remodel, and why the switch?


I’ve actually wanted to rebrand and remodel this space to be all encompassing of everything I get to do for quite some time now. And by that, I mean like it’s been well more than a year. I just kept thinking that I wanted this domain to be a place where I could share honest personal thoughts and life lessons, but also some of my photo and travel journey. But every time I thought about it, it just seemed too overwhelming to make the switch, or the timing wasn’t quite right.


The timing was finally right.


Thanks to a couple weeks being in Indonesia, tons of inspiration, several hard conversations, sweet advice, a lot of pondering through, and some tremendously encouraging and supportive friends, I finally did the thing.


So here we are.


New space. New content. New projects. New travels. New adventures.


What a journey it has already been. But, cheers to a brand new launch forward! Here’s to growth, and always developing to be better. I strongly believe every day is a day for new mercies and new beginnings. You can always start fresh, or new, or build to be better. How refreshing is that.


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to read a blog post or some of my words. THANK YOU, if you’ve ever commented on a photo, liked a photo, left a comment, given encouragement/support and said something nice. And finally, THANK YOU, to those of you who have shared anything of mine with someone else. You all are the reason why this creative journey is possible.


Onward and forward we go! Let’s create some more magic together. 


With a million red cherries,



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