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VERB give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.

NOUN an act or function of updating the display on a screen.

It was five months ago, five o’ clock in the morning, Hawaii time. A very tired and burnt out me had awoken from the weirdest dream to birds chirping and fresh after rain air to the most beautiful half valley half ocean Kauai view while staying at a dear friend’s place. Life is always a whirlwind, but it had been extra turbulent that year. I sat in bed and began to write as I do when I feel overwhelmed. And as I began putting words onto the page, a deep sense of peace came over me. I needed to clean house. I needed better systems. I needed something to feel excited about. I needed a refresh. 


The refresh I was looking for wasn’t about starting completely new from a blank canvas. It was about efficiency, leveling up, growing, removing, and elevating—things that no longer served its purpose, things that no longer made sense, things that I have outgrown. The refresh was about focusing on core values, future vision, and honing in on what I had already spent over a decade building. And so it began… 


For the last several months, while still maintaining my day to day, I have also silently been working on a rebrand and new website that encapsulates the Juliann Cheryl brand. With an incredibly creative and talented team, and hours and hours of hard work: We’ve arrived. 


While for some, 13 may carry the weight of superstition or unluckiness, for me, it holds a place as my favorite number. Therefore, it made absolute sense and felt fitting that on the 13th year anniversary of inception of what has become my brand, my baby, my passion, my business, I unveil a fresh new home for all things Juliann Cheryl: from digital marketing to photography to #WordsByJules. This rebrand has been a process. And quite honestly, challenging at times when you’re going through a cleanse (professionally and personally). But we got through it and we figured it out. 


I had a conversation with an old mentor and coach recently and he reminded me of a powerful truth: 


“Trying” is merely an illusion. 


You either do or you don’t. Life is a tapestry woven from the choices that you make; your life is a reflection of the choices you make, whether it’s in your professional endeavors or personal journey. The dichotomy remains the same—you either progress or you stagnate. You either become better or you don’t. To attract better, you have to become better. To level up, you have to do the hard work to level up. Transforming your mindset is the key to moving forward and upward. We’re not trying anymore, we’re only doing. 


To my family and friends, visitors and long-time supporters, colleagues and clients past and present: THANK YOU. It is because of your unwavering support, mentorship, guidance, and empowerment as well as the grace of God that I am where I am today. You all have been instrumental in shaping my journey thus far. Some may call it “living the dream” but I’m still chasing dreams. I know there is so much learning and growing still to do… it will be no easy feat. As some of my colleagues and I like to say: We love a good challenge. And that’s the truth. 


So, here’s to the challenges, the wins, the losses, the lessons, and the process of it all. Here’s to chasing dreams and leveling up. Here’s to embracing failure as a catalyst for growth. Here’s to the invaluable gift of gratitude for those who’ve walked alongside me. And here’s to the unwavering faith that the best is yet to come.


Celebrating the 13 years of this beautiful journey, and to the 13 on 13 on 13 years that still await. 






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