Maria Sharapova: Nike LA Cortez Launch

Two Things.

One. Nike.

Two. Maria Sharapova.

If you know me well, you know that I started playing tennis competitively on the circuit when I was seven years old —  the tennis court is home. So yeah this was a treat, and I had the utmost privilege attending Maria Sharapova’s Nike LA Cortez Launch Party. Maria designed a shoe in collaboration with Nike inspired by the West Coast sunset nudes of California.

Cars, Caffeine, The Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf

When I received a call to shoot for The Coffee Bean + Tea Leaf, I immediately was like, um yes, is that even a question? Because everyone knows that caffeine makes the world a better place.

PizzaRev, Be REVolutionary

Yes, I do want a pizza you.

You had me at first slice.

Okay. I’ll stop with the pizza puns. I have enough to go ‘round for days. 😉

Serena, Federer, Desert Tennis is Betterer

I don’t normally post this kind of material, but I’m making an exception. Long story short, I grew up and spent a lot of hours playing a heck of a lot of tennis on these courts at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. It’s been a minute, but it was so nice to be back again in the hot desert, surrounded by palm trees watching friends and peers do their thing.

Florals and Uniqlo

Myra is one of the most stylish people I know. She is also super obsessed with Uniqlo so when she showed up with an all Uniqlo outfit, I knew exactly the location I wanted to shoot at with her.

Self-care is umcomfortable and unbeautiful

I read an article the other day about self-care. In the article, self-care looked a lot like treating yourself and pampering: a day at the spa, a tropical vacation, and a shopping spree. It’s almost like the idea of self-care has been commercialized and dare I say… trendy.

BRB, Tending to real life

I was partaking in some of the most delicious chicken tikka masala the other day with some fantastic humans, when one of them said, “I know this sounds lame, but at least you’ll have something to blog about after this (in regards to the current life season I am going through).” And I chuckled, because I knew he was right. There is always something to take away from the circumstances we go through. But I didn’t think I’d be writing about all this so soon.

“Give Love” to these Boyz

If y’alls haven’t heard already, Andy Grammer recently released a new single “Give Love” featuring Lunch Money Lewis. It is quite the summer jam, and I dropped in on a little session earlier this month for it with some of my favorite peeps! Time with these guys is always time well spent. Here are a few candid shots from the studio session.

Be grateful when your heart is broken

I never knew I was capable of loving someone so wide.   Not until I met him. I loved him so much that the seams of the skies seemed to rip. I had so much grace and patience with him. More than I ever thought I could possess. I let him browse and wander into […]

Sunshine State of Mind

I love traveling. A lot. But sometimes, the process of work and travel together is pretty gruesome, and what really makes your trips are the places you stay at. Because let’s be honest, rest (even if just a little) is important.

I spent some time in Florida recently and had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with and create content for two awesome hotel properties: one in Key West and one in Miami South Beach.