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Life Advisory: Unavailable.


No one ever cautioned me about life’s whirlwind of adventures. I wish someone would have. I wish they had alerted me about how unfair life would seem sometimes. That, you could be responsible and try to do all the things right but still, your world could come crashing down all around you. I wish they had told me about how perfection is completely unattainable, that failures and mistakes are inevitable, and how your deepest dreams and desires could potentially burn up in flames and turn to ashes. True story, the world can be outrageous.


The ground WILL shake. The seas WILL roar. The mountains WILL crumble.


Turns out, we were never guaranteed voyages without any turbulence.


There will be days where you’ll wake up to rays of sunshine with perfectly done hair. You’ll look into the mirror at your glowing self, and feel like a million bucks. On the contrary, you’ll have a lot of days where you feel like you have nothing in your closet to wear because your clothes just don’t fit right and your shoes, too small for your feet. You’ll have questions—lots of them. But, you’ll never find all the answers.


This is why we all need some unicorn vomit in our lives and by that, I mean confetti. ALL. THE. CONFETTI.


I’ve always been obsessed with confetti, I’m not sure why. But I see confetti and it triggers smiles. It could possibly be because it’s colorful, and color enhances the way we observe our surroundings. Or maybe it’s because confetti is shiny, and shiny things add radiance to the darkest of places. Or perhaps, it’s the process of forming confetti—shredding, cutting, punching holes into sheets of material. They are remnants of something that once was whole but now, fragmented and jagged and small. Even so, these miniscule shards have so much worth. To each their own opinion, but scatter it on anything, and it makes whatever it is better. Plus, have you ever tried to have a deep heart-to-heart conversation with someone with confetti all over their face? It’s impossible. You can’t. It’ll just make you giggle the whole time.


That’s how we need to treat life sometimes. Throw confetti on its face, just to make you laugh and release some tension.


I’ve been living in a Nike commercial, being haunted by whispers of “just do it” in every crease and crevice of my mind’s subconscious. The internal discourse has been tremendously real.


Life is hard, but love will win. They need to know that. I want to let them know they’re not walking alone.

“Just do it.”


Love requires vulnerability. When you love, it can hurt so deeply. But it can also bring so much healing. The most important things in life take courage. I want to be brave in my love because the world needs to see why love matters. I want to love, and love well.

“Just do it”


I want to create a space for myself. I want to write—actually start a brand new blog even though it scares the begeezuses out of me, to share the stories I’ve been given and the lessons I’ve learned. I want to pour honesty onto pages for people to read.

“Just do it.”


I want to throw a confetti party, and sprinkle that ishhh everywhere.


“Just do it.”


Construct your life around real things.

Build your life around good things.


I was texting a good friend the other day, expressing that I needed to tell her something, catch her up on life soon. “I’m honestly in a season where I just have to do it—to try to do all the right things. It’s the hardest. But I have to do it, and just trust in the mystery of who God is.”


“Whatever it is I’m sure it’s good… I mean I hope it isn’t like sad news or something, but if it is, hope has to be there.”


It was sad news, but I wholeheartedly agree with her. We have to believe there are good things; there is good in everything. Always. Someway, somehow, there is good in everything. All we need is a little bit of perspective and a handful of confetti.


For once, I’m going to do something for myself.


It’s not in my nature and truthfully, I feel crazy for intentionally crafting this space, beginning this blog, and placing myself out there. Absolutely crazy. But I’m beginning to think that’s just fine because someone once mentioned that crazy is a good thing. It’s necessary because the crazies are the ones with the wild hearts, and wild hearts are much needed. I’m having this party for me because I can’t wait on the world to throw one for me anymore. For a long time, I’ve waited. I’ve waited for the perfect timing, the perfect moment, for the right kind of encouragement and affirmation, for the perfect people to be in my life, and for the perfect someone to come around and tell me they believed in me—that I was ready and capable, and I should do something with what I have. I’m unhitching my life from the those hopes, and just running for it. I realize not everyone will be on the sidelines screaming at the top of their lungs cheering me on, and the people you want and expect to be there the most, won’t be. I get that not everyone will completely understand why I’m doing this. Statistics show that at least ten percent of the population won’t like or support you, but I think I’m at peace with that. I’m still going to just do it. I’m going in with the mentality that if one person, just one, finds encouragement or comfort or can relate through this in some way, it’ll all be worth it. So that’s that.


I’m throwing a confetti party, and you’re invited. Let the festivities begin.



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