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I opened up a word document getting ready to write about all the awkward, yet frustrating, but also lessons learned “let’s shine a new light in your life” conversations I’ve had with people this week. But then I got distracted, like I do sometimes, and went to check my email inbox instead. After responding to a few work messages, I clicked into my spam box (which is something I almost never do) only to find a piece of writing that wasn’t spam at all. I’m still not really sure how it got in there, but I proceeded to read the email. I think in that moment, it was like God just set me up to write this post because it was everything I wanted to say without knowing how to begin it. It was like God needed me to write this post because I needed to read it back to myself…


Because amongst the little paragraphs in big, bold letters it screamed the line: “SOMETIMES YOU LOVE PEOPLE REALLY HARD AND THEY LEAVE.”


Sometimes, they do. They do leave.


But then sometimes, you love people really hard and then you have to leave.


Because sometimes, letting go of the people you love and care about the most allows you to create space for yourself to be loved, and loved well; the way you deserve to be loved.


No one has the time to stick around and settle for being second rate or third pick. You’re just cheating yourself if you do that. And it’s just cheap talk if someone tries to convince you you’re wonderful and unique or that you’re worth it. But then they’re still pining over the same person who won’t respect them or see them the way they should be seen. Or, they’re still with that girl or guy they said they needed to break it off or have better boundaries with. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Months. Ago.


And don’t let yourself be that person who people keep at arms length because they’re too afraid to commit or treat you the way you should be treated—don’t be the emotional safety. Don’t be the guy or girl who is always there to pick up the pieces and tell people everything will be fine. Because the truth is, everything will not be fine if you continue to be the safety net you shouldn’t be.


I’m sorry if I’m being extra blunt and forward, but really I’m not sorry at all because I think they are a lot of people out there who needs to hear this. Whoever “they” are, they’re just feeding you a bunch of bullshit lines and empty promises, and they really don’t deserve your attention.


I guess I’m just frustrated with the ways this world works sometimes. I hate seeing people get hurt, and seeing people hurt others or themselves even if it is super unintentional. Because feelings are real, emotions are real… it’s all very real.


Your heart is fragile.
Your heart is a treasure.
Your heart is yours.


Be mindful of where you place it, and whom you give it to.


Stop trying to engrave your heart into someone else’s if it never belonged there in the first place. Stop trying to give people your heart if they have no business of having it or never even wanted it.


If the person you love makes you question over and over again your worth or if you are enough—walk away, because chances are they aren’t the one you should love.


I posted up some schmoozy Instagram post yesterday without knowing I’d end up writing this post. I said something about how it’s okay to feel a little heartbroken here and there. It’s how you know you’re still human; it’s how you know feelings are real, and if people are worth your time. In a strange way, heartbreak shows you that there are things and people in this world that still matter. And it shows you who they are.


The thing is:

I’ve never been too interested in dainty petite spring flings or skin-deep attractions. I’ve never been too interested in loveless marriages or shallow connection.

I want raw.

I want blood, sweat, and tears.

I want to share a bond full of breathtaking explorations and deep passion.

After all…


Love is not a pastime;
but a magnificent privilege.






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