Florals and Uniqlo

Myra is one of the most stylish people I know. She is also super obsessed with Uniqlo so when she showed up with an all Uniqlo outfit, I knew exactly the location I wanted to shoot at with her.

Light Chasing with Leo

Leo told me he wanted some portrait photos, except he didn’t specify where when I asked him about the location. He wanted to do the spontaneity thing. You know, hop in a car and just end up somewhere, which I am totally down for.

Adventuring with Arielle

When Arielle and I first became friends years ago, we bonded over matcha lattes and jumped deep into conversation so fast I didn’t even know what was happening. Every time after that, our hangouts would be fueled by caffeine, spontaneity, and of course life conversations.

Abraham Osorio: Artist Extaordinaire

Two years ago, Abraham was the drummer for one of my music artists. We went on tour in the Mediterranean and got to experience so many different countries and cultures together.

Kickin’ It with EMAN

Here are a few of my favorite things: music + photo, friendship + caffeine, laughs + conversations. Luckily, all that happened during this music session with my buddy Emmanuel “EMAN” Cervantes.