In The Beginning

When I first started #wordsbyjules both on Instagram and this personal blog in 2015, it was really meant just to be a space to process and take steps towards healing. I felt like my world was crashing and I was drowning, so I started to write (or at least more so in a public kind of way). I wasn’t going for eloquent or pretty, I was going for real. I was going for honest. And as I started to write, each post was like little pockets of air bubbles that gave me a little more strength and eventually helped me swim back up above the water.

Love Song

Sara Bareilles is one of my all time favorite artists. She’s has the ability to craft the tightest harmony layered vocals and gut-wrenching ballads, while also penning equally brilliant bars about heart flutters and belly butterflies. She’s an incredible live performer, she has a beautifully helpful soul, and the woman is a combination of snarky, class, and serious sass.

The Truth About Wanting The In

People always want to talk to me about the wild crowds at shows or the cool places I’ve seen and traveled to. They want insight and secrets, recommendations and tips, and they want to know about all the events and to be the first to hear about certain things. They want to be in the know; they want to be in my life. But the funny thing is that they have no idea what it really means to be IN someone’s life.