Sunshine State of Mind

I love traveling. A lot. But sometimes, the process of work and travel together is pretty gruesome, and what really makes your trips are the places you stay at. Because let’s be honest, rest (even if just a little) is important.

I spent some time in Florida recently and had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with and create content for two awesome hotel properties: one in Key West and one in Miami South Beach.

USVI: Paradise of the East

If I could live in paradise forever, I would. And one of those places I really wouldn’t mind spending time in are the US Virgin Islands. One week in St. John staying at the Westin St. John with a perfect view of the setting sun definitely was not enough, and the island made me fall in love with its crystal clear, cerulean blue seas.

Bali and Beyond

Thanks to Parkland and Geckos Adventures, I had the wonderful privilege of flying to Indonesia in March. I met some of the coolest humans, hiked an active volcano in the middle of the night, snorkeled til my skin oozed salt, and got seriously tan. To say that my trip was life-changing would be a serious understatement.